ESSA and Teacher Preparation

The Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) became law for elementary and secondary education in December 2015, replacing No Child Left Behind. This Act gives the states much more authority to decide what to do with the money given to them by the Department of Education. One action they can take is to put money towards "teacher preparation academies" such as PhysTEC programs, which provide instruction at higher education institutions to develop high quality high school physics teachers. APS wants its members to be a part of an effort to approach state education agencies to advocate that they put money towards PhysTEC programs and other similar initiatives such as UTeach, as outlined in this document and the other resources below.

Gray Arrow Advocating for Federal ESSA Title II Funding To Support Pre-Service Training Programs to Produce High-Quality High School Physics Teachers format_pdf

APS Office of Government Affairs Contact: Greg Mack (


Gray Arrow Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) language relevant for PhysTEC format_pdf

Gray Arrow How to Successfully Communicate with Congressional, Agency, and Administrative Offices format_pdf

Gray Arrow ESSA Title II State Education Agency Contacts (incomplete list) format_pdf

Gray Arrow Education Week: 2 in 5 High Schools Don't Offer Physics, Analysis Finds (featuring quotes from APS staff and members)

Gray Arrow National Science Teachers Association: Get Involved in Your State's ESSA Planning