Take Action to Help Researchers Amid the COVID-19 Crisis!

Call Congress's attention to the recommendations made by APS leadership on assisting researchers that have been affected by the pandemic.

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Across the U.S, the COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in a severe reduction in activity, and in many cases a complete shutdown, of our universities and national laboratories. While the full impact of this crisis on our community has yet to be seen, we are already seeing damage related to research funding and the STEM workforce. Absent swift and significant actions by Congress, this damage will put the future health of the scientific enterprise-and the workforce that supports it-at risk.

To address these issues we must call Congress's attention to the recommendations that APS president Phil Bucksbaum made regarding future economic stimulus packages and how legislators can help ensure the scientific community recovers from the circumstances resulting from COVID-19 quickly and effectively.

The letter recommends: providing grantees full or partial cost extensions, ensuring the supplemental funding necessary to restart labs and experiments is provided, and substantially increasing REU funding for Summer 2021.

Call Congress's attention to these recommendations and sign your letter today!

The Impact of Personalized Emails

Although personalizing your email with your own experiences and anecdotes may take a few extra minutes, research shows that it is well worth the time. According to a Congressional Management Foundation survey, individualized emails are the second most effective method overall for positively influencing a member’s decision on an issue. Individualized email messages are also 64% more effective than form email messages.

Furthermore, 83% of congressional staff surveyed said that it would take more than 50 form emails for them to consider taking the action requested. On the other hand, 70% of staff said that it would take less than 50 personalized emails for them to consider taking action. We encourage you to personalize your emails to Congressional members in order to maximize the impact of your voice.

If your Congress member has not already arrived at a firm decision on an issue, which of the following advocacy strategies might have a positive influence on his/her decision?

How many emails are needed before you consider taking the requested action?