American Physical Society Responds to President’s Budget Proposal

The President’s 2019 budget request proposes significant cuts from current funding levels for the federal science agencies, including reductions for the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), National Science Foundation (NSF), and Department of Energy (DOE). The implications of that proposal are of great concern to the American Physical Society (APS), as the cuts would curtail progress in scientific research, negatively impact innovation and competitiveness, jeopardize our national security, and reduce our ability to build an outstanding workforce. The proposed cuts would be devastating to the U.S. scientific enterprise while we are in an increasingly competitive global environment.

The Administration’s budget addendum, which was also released today, restores the proposed cuts to some of the federal science agencies—including NSF and DOE Office of Science. However, it fails to recognize the importance of NIST to America’s research ecosystem by not addressing its proposed cut.

APS urges Congress to prioritize robust and sustainable funding for the federal science agencies under its recent bicameral, bipartisan budget agreement. Such funding has historically been a bipartisan goal in Congress as it appropriates federal resources. It is widely understood that strong investment in research and development is vital to innovation and job creation, and in particular, to America’s economy, global leadership, and national security. Additionally, at a time when governments in Europe and Asia are increasing their investments in scientific research, the President’s proposed cuts would take us in the wrong direction.

Roger Falcone, APS president, notes, “APS will continue to engage with Congress and the administration to develop a budget that will strengthen our economy, improve our global competitiveness, ensure our national security, and advance science.”