New Issue of APS News Available

The May 2022 issue of APS News is now available online.

Articles include:

  • APS Responds to the Crisis in Ukraine
  • Physicists—Jolted by Surprising Mass of Subatomic Particle—Share Discovery at APS April Meeting
  • APS’s Energy Research Journal, PRX Energy, Publishes its First Issue
  • Molecular Machines Make Waves at APS March Meeting
  • Need for Speed? Consider a Career in Motorsports Racing
  • Q&A with Michael Ramsey-Musolf, Advocate for LGBTQ+ Inclusion in Physics
  • Tom Gaisser, 1940-2022
  • In Ohio, Michigan, and Indiana, Physicists Find a Home in One of APS’s Oldest Geographical Sections
  • Beyond Academia, Physics Grads Find Diverse Careers
  • With Private Funding, Program Helps Professors Teach Cutting-Edge Experiments

Plus, a Back Page article by Frances Hellman, Robert Rosner, Young-Kee Kim, S. James Gates, Jr., David G. Seiler, Robin Selinger, and Jonathan Bagger