Guidelines & Procedures for Capitol Hill Receptions

Approved by the APS Executive Board
April 20, 2006


The APS strongly encourages members of the Society to participate in advocacy efforts to bring physics-related issues to the attention of Congress and governmental bodies.

The following guidelines apply to APS sponsored events:

  1. APS’s Washington image plays a substantial role in the Society’s ability to gain attention and achieve its advocacy goals on Capitol Hill and in Executive Branch agencies. In order to be effective, APS’s Washington activities should therefore reflect professionalism, intelligence, expertise and trustworthiness.
  2. The APS Washington Office will support, within the constraints of guideline #3, the advocacy activities of the APS units in their efforts to organize and host physics related events with Congressional Delegations and the Executive Branch agencies.
  3. APS is a member organization, and its advocacy activities must reflect the views of the membership, as articulated by the Executive Board and Council and executed with the advice and approval of PPC and POPA.
  4. Capitol Hill activities initiated by APS units should reflect the needs and desires of those groups, but they should be consonant with the advocacy goals and image of the APS whenever the groups invoke the APS name.


  1. APS units wishing to hold Capitol Hill events in Washington under the APS banner should submit their request to the Executive Officer for approval at least 3 months in advance of the proposed event date.
  2. Capitol Hill events fall into two categories: celebratory, honoring public officials, and advocacy, advancing APS goals. In either case, the event planners should consult with the APS Washington Office to ensure that the event planned is consistent with APS advocacy objectives.
  3. Units should designate one APS member to act as a coordinator of the event; develop a timeline for the event in consultation with the Washington Office; and have a clearly defined budget. Where cost sharing with APS is involved, units should submit their request to the Executive Officer.
  4. Once these procedures have been implemented, APS will provide staff help with planning and administering the event.

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