Newsletter Production

APS can provide design, layout, printing, and mailing services for newsletters.

Submitting a Request
Starting in January 2018, APS Unit newsletters will be requested by an executive committee member of an APS unit using this form. Content and images should be transferred through Google Drive or emailed to

Delivery Methods
Newsletters can be built in PDF format, added to the unit webpage, and emailed to the unit. Please mark your preferences on the newsletter request form.

Due to the volume of requests, please allow five business days to complete a printed version, five business days to layout newsletter and produce a pdf, five business days to edit the website, and three business days to send an email.

Printed newsletters may take three to six weeks to be printed and mailed. If layout is handled outside of APS, please provide ready-to-print PDF materials. Printing and postage charges will be billed to the unit.

Printed Newsletter Requirements:
Graphics/photos: Include caption and credit information and send as separate, high resolution files (at least 300 DPI for print and 72 DPI for online-only publication).

On the request form, please note:

  • Quantity: We will determine membership count. Advise if extras are needed.
  • Folding Preference: We recommend a self-mailing format to eliminate the need for an envelope.
  • Target Delivery Date
  • Postage Type: First-class (1 week) or nonprofit/pre-sort (3 weeks).


Please contact before creating a unit-specific logo or if you have any questions on proper usage of the APS brand. APS logo usage guidelines can be found online.

Other Graphics

APS can provide other graphic services by request such as posters or recruitment materials. Contact for more information.