APS March and April Meetings
The APS Meetings Department provides administrative support to those units that plan programs as part of the March and April Meetings. With input from representatives of participating units, APS facilitates the creation of the scientific program and unit-sponsored satellite meetings. APS also oversees abstract submission, registration services, and logistics for the March and April Meetings. Units that participate in the March and April Meetings share in the income from the meetings.

Scientific Program Coordination and Abstract Processing
With only a few exceptions, the APS Meetings Department staff collects and processes the abstracts for all units that sponsor independent meetings and produces the online version of The Bulletin of the American Physical Society. In several cases, a printed version of the Bulletin is also produced. We also make sure that the printed Bulletins are shipped to the meeting location designated by the organizing committee. A small abstract processing fee and the costs of printing and shipping the Bulletin are charged to the respective unit.

We also organize and provide staff support for some of the sorters meetings for unit meetings. In cases where staff support is not provided, APS will send all abstracts and necessary backup documents for units to build their scientific program.

Registration Services
We now also provide pre- and on-site registration services for some units for a nominal fee, and where providing these services does not conflict with the meeting dates of the March, April, DPP, and DAMOP meetings. Registration services include collection of registration fees during the pre-registration period. In cases where meeting dates do not conflict with other APS-managed meetings, staff support can be provided for on-site registration services. If on-site registration staff is not provided, registration files will be sent to the organizing committee for the creation of name badges. In general, APS does not provide on-site registration services for the Section meetings, but will certainly providing any pre-meeting support.

Approval of Meeting Dates
All Units planning their own meetings must have their proposed meeting dates approved by the APS Meetings Department. Please contact Vinaya Sathyasheelappa at for these requests.

Contract Negotiation and Direct Billing Applications
Units planning and executing their own meetings must have hotel and major vendor contracts signed by the APS Executive Officer. Upon request, advice and guidance is available to units negotiating hotel contracts for their meetings. Additionally, APS can also assist units in applying for direct billing for hotels and vendors.

APS Meetings Calendar
We assist units in advertising their meetings through the Meetings Calendar on the APS Meetings website and in the “Meeting Announcements” that is mailed each month to the membership in the monthly APS News.

Hints for Planning Meetings
The APS Ohio-Region Section has graciously shared these Hints for Meeting Hosts, which has proved to be an invaluable resource for those planning meetings.

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