Unit Leadership Roles and Responsibilities

Thank you for volunteering your time to serve as a Unit Leader with APS. It is important to remember that you play an integral part in the success of APS as a whole. By actively taking part in your unit, you will help to ensure a successful term for your Unit and its members. Throughout your leadership, you will have numerous resource outlets within APS. The Units Coordinator will serve as your main point of contact, and they can be reached at units@aps.org. As the Units Coordinator, they will assist in looking to increase the visibility of your Unit to all APS members and to promote the latest news from your membership.

The Units Coordinator will be available to answer questions, run membership lists, provide counts, run promotional campaigns, etc. In the event they do not have the answer to your question or concern, they will connect you with the appropriate party. The Units Coordinator will also be the contact point for mass emails to unit membership. To email your membership, please submit your request to units@aps.org. Once submitted, APS advises a 1-2 business day wait until the message is fully prepared for delivery to your unit.

Along with any administrative support needed, the Units Coordinator will also be available at various APS national and local meetings throughout the year. Please feel free to use these meetings as an opportunity to discuss any suggestions on how they can be of assistance moving forward.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the Units Coordinator.

Units Coordinator

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