APS Fellowship

It is assumed that each unit has appointed a fellowship committee of at least 3 individuals to review the nominations. Below is a brief summary of events and important dates that relate to APS Fellowships.

Units appoint fellowship committee By January 1
Nominations submitted to APS Between November 15 and Unit Deadline
Nominations sent from APS to Unit fellowship committee Shortly after deadline
Candidates selected by Unit committees reported to APS By August
Candidates reviewed by APS Fellowship Committee
Final review of candidates APS Council November meeting*
New Fellows and sponsors notified After Council approval
Posting of list of new fellows on APS website December


The Fellowship webpage is maintained with a list of new fellows, nomination procedures, and electronic nomination form.

* Division of Fluid Dynamics, Division of Plasma Physics, and the Topical Group on Plasma Astrophysics is reviewed by APS Executive Board at the September meeting.