Level 2 - Engaged

Social Media Levels

Do you have a dedicated volunteer or team of volunteers willing and able to manage a social media account for your unit? Level 2 might be for you.  

Before choosing this level, it is critical that you and the volunteers fully understand the commitment and time required to run a successful social media account. Many units have tried, most have failed. 

Note: This level is for a single social media account only. 

Service Description 

Your social media team is ultimately responsible for maintaining the day-to-day operations of your account, however APS will provide some assistance.  

What’s Included 

  • Strategy consult – APS will work with your team to identify goals, develop a social media strategy, identify metrics for measuring effectiveness, and resources on best practices and tips on managing a successful social media account.

  • Account setup – APS will set up, brand, and optimize your social media profile on your preferred network, including graphics (This is required. APS must maintain administrative rights on all APS branded social media accounts)

  • Account monitoring – APS will routinely monitor your account for spam, inappropriate posts, missed opportunities, etc.

  • Biannual reports – APS will provide biannual reports that include information on your account growth and post engagement

What’s Required of Your Unit

A dedicated social media manager approved by your executive committee. This person can be a volunteer or a member of your executive committee. This person or team will be responsible for maintaining the social media account by posting daily, interacting with and engaging users, and obtaining more followers. 

Get Started 

Email social@aps.org to get started today!