At the beginning of 2015, APS stopped supporting the aging in-house unit election system and began using a self-administered election system called myDirectVote. This system was created and is hosted by Survey & Ballot Systems, the third-party election vendor whom the APS has used for many years to conduct the annual APS General Election.

To initiate a unit election, the person in charge of and administering the election should contact: Sarah Monk, APS Unit Coordinator
Email: monk@aps.org
Tel: 301-209-3267

Sarah will send instructions for setting up the election website and provide a log-in username and password. She will also send a link to a specially prepared orientation that is helpful to watch if you have never set up a unit election before. You are encouraged to set up the election and ballot before you have all of the candidate information.

There are several steps that can be taken to configure your unit election and ballot without having all the candidate information.

Sarah will upload a database of your unit member contact information directly into the election system. Please contact her at least 3-4 days before opening the election to provide time for her to upload the database.

If you have any concerns or questions about conducting a unit election, please feel free to contact Sarah any time.

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