Unit Financial Reports

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Atomic, Molecular & Optical Physics (DAMOP)
Astrophysics (DAP)
Biological Physics (DBIO)
Chemical Physics (DCP)
Computational Physics (DCOMP)
Condensed Matter Physics (DCMP)
Fluid Dynamics (DFD)
Gravitational Physics (DGRAV)
Laser Science (DLS)
Materials Physics (DMP)
Nuclear Physics (DNP)
Particles and Fields (DPF)
Physics of Beams (DPB)
Plasma Physics (DPP)
Polymer Physics (DPOLY)
Quantum Information (DQI)

Forum for Early Career Scientists (FECS)
Education (FEd)
Graduate Student Affairs (FGSA)
History of Physics (FHP)
Industrial and Applied Physics (FIAP)
International Physics (FIP)
Outreach and Engaging the Public (FOEP)
Physics and Society (FPS)

Far West Section (FWS) (formerly California-Nevada)
Four Corners (4CS)
Mid-Atlantic (MAS)
New England (NES)
New York State (NYSS)
Northwest (NWS)
Ohio-Region (OSAPS)
Prairie Section (PSAPS)
Southeastern (SESAPS)
Texas (TSAPS)

Topical Groups:
Energy Research and Applications (GERA)
Few-Body Systems (GFB)
Hadronic Physics (GHP)
Instrument and Measurement Science (GIMS)
Magnetism (GMAG)
Medical Physics (GMED)
Physics Education Research (GPER)
Plasma Astrophysics (GPAP)
Precision Measurement & Fundamental Constants (GPMFC)
Physics of Climate (GPC)
Shock Compression of Condensed Matter (SHOCK)
Soft Matter (GSOFT)
Statistical and Nonlinear Physics (GSNP)


Gaseous Electronics Conference (GEC)