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The APS COVID Research and Resources Group (CRRG) is pleased to invite you to the next APS COVID webinar. The main goal of the APS COVID webinars is to present the latest COVID-related research by world's experts and introduce research challenges that could be addressed by physicists and related scientists. We also invite you to attend future APS COVID webinars (see partial list on this website) and actively participate in other CRRG activities. For more information on how to join CRRG, please see below.

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Past Events

X-ray Darkfield Contrast for Improved COVID-19 Detection in Chest X-Rays - Basic Physics & First Clinical Results
Date: February 24, 2021
Speakers: Franz Pfeiffer, Technical University of Munich; Daniela Pfeiffer, Technical University of Munich
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The Norwegian regional stochastic model of the Covid-19 epidemics
Date: February 10th, 2021
Speaker: Arnoldo Frigessi, University of Oslo, Norway
Moderator: Gyan Bhanot, Rutgers University
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Physics of respiratory infections: do we understand it?
Date: January 27th, 2021
Speaker: Lidia Morawska, Queensland University of Technology
Moderator: Mark Jermy, University of Canterbury, Christchurch, New Zealand
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Immune interactions and SARS-CoV-2 Evolution
Date: December 16th, 2020
Speaker: Benjamin Greenbaum, MSKCC
Moderator: Nicolas Vabret, Mt. Sinai
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Airborne transmission of SARS-CoV-2, and how to protect ourselves: What we know now
Date: December 2nd, 2020
Speaker: Jose Jimenez, University of Colorado, Boulder
Moderator: Adriaan Bax, NIH
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Understanding and harnessing the immune system for better vaccines: a crossroad of physics and biology
Date: November 18th, 2020, at 12 Noon ET
Speaker: Arup Chakraborty, MIT
Moderator: Mehran Kardar, MIT
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What we know and don’t know about the role of droplets and aerosol in transmission of SARS-CoV-2
Date: October 21st, 2020, at 12 Noon ET
Speaker: Adriaan Bax, NIH
Moderator: Jose L. Jimenez, University of Colorado Boulder
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What we know and don’t know about SARS-CoV-2: origins and evolution
Date: October 7th, 2020 at 12 Noon ET
Speaker: Raul Rabadan
Moderator: Hossein Khiabanian
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Epidemiology of COVID-19: Implications for Control
Date: September 23, 2020 at noon ET
Speaker: Marc Lipsitch
Moderator: Thomas Bortfeld
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