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The COVID Research and Resources Group (CRRG) aims to connect physicists and other scientists through COVID-related research and education efforts. The CRRG serves as a central meeting and discussion hub for COVID-related activities within APS and broader community. In addition to the regular APS COVID webinars, activities include journal clubs, publication reviews, discussion forums, and the formation of research consortia. If you would like to join CRRG, visit our website, find our community on engage.aps.org, or email crrg@aps.org and we will connect with you.


How to join CRRG on APS Engage

If you are an APS member

If you are not an APS member

  • Go to engage.aps.org and click Sign In
  • At the next screen, click "Don't have an account?" (under the Log In button) to create your login credentials
  • Log into APS Engage with your newly created credentials.
  • At the homepage complete your profile
  • Visit the COVID Research and Resources Group
  • Click the Join button on the right to opt-in

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