Welcome to the APS COVID Research and Resources Group (CRRG)!

The CRRG serves as a meeting, discussion, and information sharing hub for COVID-related topics within the APS. The CRRG organizes a number of activities, such as:

  • COVID-related research webinars and other events within focused interest groups
  • Discussion forums within the CRRG Engage community
  • A collection of resources and pointers to resources of interest to the community
  • Links with partner organizations and international societies

In general, CRRG provides a central hub for COVID-19 related resources.

We invite you to become active in the CRRG community and participate in activities that you find useful! Join CRRG Engage! See below for a guide on How to join CRRG on APS Engage.

We also invite you to share resources within the CRRG community that you find useful and you think others would benefit from! Posting documents to our shared library, initiating, or engaging in one of our discussions – are all ways you can help others!

We welcome your feedback about what you would like to see and how we can make it more valuable for you! Email us at crrg@aps.org!

How to join CRRG on APS Engage

If you are an APS member

If you are not an APS member

  • Go to engage.aps.org and click Sign In
  • At the next screen, click "Don't have an account?" (under the Log In button) to create your login credentials
  • Log into APS Engage with your newly created credentials.
  • At the homepage complete your profile
  • Visit the COVID Research and Resources Group
  • Click the Join button on the right to opt-in

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