Impactful Science Education at Arizona State University

APS Chapter members at Arizona State University are creating videos that uplift unique research for a broad audience.
The set of the APS Chapter at Arizona State University filming their YouTube science education videos.

The APS Chapter at Arizona State University (ASU) is spreading the word about innovative research at their physics department through a new video series. The APS Chapter at ASU Research Highlights series involves professional shoots featuring graduate students and postdoctoral researchers, presenting their research and its impacts in easy-to-understand videos disseminated to a broad audience on YouTube. Shep Bryan IV, William Munizzi, and Paul Campitelli assembled the first videos. Building on their success, the APS Chapter at ASU has optimized their scripting, drafting, scheduling, and filming processes as well as improved their cinematography to deliver high-quality, engaging videos that reach general audiences beyond academic circles. Founder of The Difference Engine: An ASU Center for the Future of Equality Ehsan Zaffar has praised the project, saying: "I LOVE physics - but I hated the way it was taught to me in class! I wish ASU's newest student run project to make physics education accessible and inclusive had existed when I was in college!"

I wish ASU's newest student run project to make physics education accessible and inclusive had existed when I was in college! - Ehsan Zaffar, founder of The Difference Engine

The APS Chapter at ASU has produced seven videos, with many more in the works to be released throughout 2023. One future goal for the chapter's video series is to connect with prospective students, offering insight into the different research groups and labs in the ASU Physics Department. Beyond students, the APS Chapter at ASU aims to reach science enthusiasts with a variety of educational backgrounds, from inspired learners with no scientific background to academic professionals and everyone in between. This video series also serves to amplify the scientific voice of early-career researchers at ASU, highlighting the impactful contributions of young scientists to their respective fields.

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