AV Meeting Policy and Tips

Speaker Preparation

Preparing for Your Presentation
Speaker tips and information

Ordering Extra Equipment

Audiovisual Vendor
Email Sathyasheelappa@aps.org to rent extra equipment.

Audiovisual Hot Lines
Phone numbers to the AV office will be provided. Please check the meeting program or information sheet at the front of each meeting room for the number. If you have an AV problem, call the AV office.

APS Meeting Audiovisual Policy

Using Vendor Supplied Equipment
Speakers are not permitted to bring their own projection equipment for use at the meeting.

Renting Additional Equipment
Any additional AV equipment must be rented by the speaker directly through Freeman AV. You can order equipment prior meetings by emailing Sathyasheelappa@aps.org. You can also contact Freeman AV at the meeting in the AV office.

You are responsible for the cost of renting any additional AV equipment.

Provided Audiovisual Equipment

The standard AV meeting package available in each session room includes:

  • LCD projector
  • Screen
  • Laser pointer
  • Lapel microphone

Audiovisual Information

All rooms will be equipped with an LCD projector, screen, lavaliere microphone, and pointer. If you require additional equipment, it can be rented through the official APS AV vendor, Freeman AV. 

IMPORTANT INFORMATION ABOUT SCREEN SIZE:  For APS-managed meetings (March Meeting, April Meeting, DAMOP Annual Meeting, DPP Annual Meeting) provided screens in the meeting rooms will use a 16:9 aspect ratio. It is recommended that you convert your slides to a 16:9 aspect ratio.

See the links below for more information on creating or adapting your slides into 16:9 format.
Gray Arrow About 16:9 Presentations
Gray Arrow Creating a 16:9 Powerpoint
Gray Arrow Adapting an existing 4:3 Powerpoint presentation in 16:9

NOTE: The cost of additional equipment must be covered by the speaker. You are not allowed to bring/use your own projectors at the meeting.
Gray arrow Audiovisual Policies

Tips for Giving an LCD Projector Presentation

The responsibility for a smooth, technically trouble-free presentation ultimately rests with you, the presenter.

Session Time Table is Strictly Adhered To
The abstract presentation schedule is rigidly maintained. Connect your laptop to the LCD projector before your session so you do not waste time setting up.

Setting Up Your LCD Presentation
APS is not responsible for the security of personal laptop computers and equipment.

  • Bring your own laptop computer, power cord, and any proprietary cords required for your computer—particularly if you have a brand new computer. MAC users, please bring your own VGA Adapter.
  • APS does not provide presentation software. Necessary software needs to be installed on your laptop.
  • Visit the APS Speaker Ready Room before your session to test your presentation. If you have difficulties, consult with the Freeman AV technicians.
  • Arrive at your session room 10 minutes early to connect your laptop to the LCD projector. Leave your computer turned on and ready to go.
  • Use the lavaliere microphone properly: place the microphone 6" below your chin. (Often, reported microphone "problems" are merely a matter of having the lapel microphone placed too close or too far from the speaker's mouth.)
  • Stop speaking when the session Chair asks you to and remove your computer and equipment. 
  • When you leave the session, take your laptop, accessories, and papers with you.