Uploading Presentation Materials

For Selected Presenters

Selected presenters at APS meetings may be invited to supplement their abstract with presentation material. Links to uploaded materials will appear in the online meeting program next to your abstract listing. This service is voluntary.


Getting Ready to Upload


Accepted Supplemental Presentation Materials
You may upload one of each of the following:

  1. PowerPoint or PDF Format Presentation Slides
    (No security password or video on the file please ?)
  2. Audio File in MP3 Format (optional)
  3. Link to YouTube Video (optional)
  4. Biographical Information - Up to 1500 Characters (optional)
  5. Photo of Yourself - jpg, png or gif Format (optional)

Invitation to Upload Files
APS will send selected abstract presenters an email invitation to upload presentation materials. This email is only intended for the speaker of the talk. If you are the submitter and not the speaker, do not use the link in the email, but forward it to the speaker. 

Upload Login window
Figure 1: Upload Login

APS Web Account
Before you can begin uploading materials you must log in to your APS web account. If you do not have an APS web account, you will need to create one.
Gray arrow  Create an APS Web Account


Uploading Files


Logging In
The first time you log in to upload materials you will see the Agreement page. Please read the statement and type your name to agree.

Supplemental Materials Agreement
Figure 2: Supplemental Materials Agreement

Abstract List
After agreeing to the upload statement, you should see your submitted abstract. To begin uploading presentation materials, click Upload/Edit.

Multiple Abstracts.

If you have received multiple invitations for meeting uploads, you will have a link for each abstract. Upload material for each abstract separately. You can access your Abstract List at any time using the gray menu on the left.

Abstract List window
Figure 3: Abstract List

Presentation Upload Form
Please review the Accepted Supplemental Presentation Materials list above. Note that you may upload either a PowerPoint or PDF file, an MP3 file, and/or insert a link to a YouTube video. You may also create a bio about yourself, if you desire.

Uploading Presentations window - topUploading Presentations window - bottom
Figure 4: Uploading Presentations


  • To upload your presentation PDF or PowerPoint slides, click Upload Slides.
  • Audio files are optional. Click Upload Audio File to upload an MP3.


Downloading Files
Presentation file formats are converted for viewing online. If you want the original presentation available for viewers to download, select Yes after Allow Audiences to download Original Slides File.

Biography Uploads
At your option, you can type or paste up to 1,500 characters (approximately 300 words) in the Biography text box. You may also upload a photo of yourself (in jpg, png or gif format).  If you have more than one listed abstract, you only need to upload biographical materials once.  The same biography will append to all your abstracts.

Submitting Files
When you have uploaded all your materials, click Submit. If you have a large presentation file, it may take some time for the system to convert the file and finish the upload.

Previewing Your Materials
To view your submitted materials, click Preview Presentation. If you wish to upload a modified version, click Abstract List to the left and begin again.

When you are satisfied, click Activate (Publish) and your materials will be public. Note: Even though your supplemental files will appear online, you will still be responsible for bringing all presentation materials to your talk at the Meeting.

Presentation Authorization window
Figure 5: Authorizing Publication


Editing Uploads


Uploading New Versions of Files
If you want to update or replace a file you previously submitted, upload the new file and it will automatically replace the existing file.

Viewing Bio Information and Photos
If you change your mind about making your photo or biographical information public, return to the Presentation Upload Form to Allow Audiences to View, and select No.




If you have any questions about this process, please do not hesitate contact:

Abstract and Presentation Submission Help
(301) 209-3290