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P08.00003: Deep Convolutional Neural Networks for Quantum 1D Spin Chains
Sponsor Unit(s): DCOMP GDS
Shah Saad Alam, Li Yang, Wenjun Hu, YiLong Ju, Han Pu, Ankit Patel

P08.00004: Machine learning aided study of a three-dimensional gas of SU($N$) fermions
Sponsor Unit(s): DCOMP GDS
Entong Zhao, Jeongwon Lee, Chengdong He, Elnur Hajiyev, Zejian Ren, Toby T.H. Mak, Gyu-Boong Jo

P08.00005: Generative modeling of quantum simulators
Sponsor Unit(s): DCOMP GDS
Giacomo Torlai