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T07.00001: An optically-levitated, spinning-rotor vacuum gauge
Sponsor Unit(s): GPMFC
Charles Blakemore, Denzal Martin, Alexander Fieguth, Akio Kawasaki, Nadav Priel, Alexander Rider, Giorgio Gratta

T07.00004: A pressure standard for Ultra-High-Vacuum based on laser-cooled atoms
Sponsor Unit(s): GPMFC
Eite Tiesinga, Constantinos Makrides

T07.00005: An Optogalvanic Flux Sensor for Trace Gases
Sponsor Unit(s): GPMFC
Fabian Munkes, Patrick Kaspar, Yannick Schellander, Johannes Schmidt, Robert Loew, Tilman Pfau, Harald Kuebler, Denis Djekic, Jens Anders, Patrick Schalberger, Holger Baur, Norbert Fruehauf, Edward Grant

T07.00006: Assessing Thermal Rydberg Atoms’ Utility for Wideband Electric Field Sensing
Sponsor Unit(s): GPMFC
David Meyer, Zachary Castillo, Kevin Cox, Paul Kunz