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M04.00002: Sub-Cycle Gating of Optical Chirality in the Photoionization of Chiral Molecules
Sponsor Unit(s): DLS
Etienne Bloch, Shaked Rozen, Antoine Comby, Sandra Beauvarlet, Dominique Descamps, Baptiste Fabre, Stephane Petit, Valerie Blanchet, Bernard Pons, Nirit Dudovich, Yann Mairesse

M04.00003: Conservation of Torus-Knot Angular Momentum in High-Harmonic Generation Driven by Fields with Spin-Orbit Mixing
Sponsor Unit(s): DLS
Emilio Pisanty, Carlos Hernández-García, Laura Rego, Antonio Picón, Julio San Román, Gerard J. Machado, Verónica Vicuña-Hernández, Alessio Celi, Kevin M. Dorney, Henry C. Kapteyn, Margaret M. Murnane, Juan P. Torres, Luis Plaja, Maciej Lewenstein

M04.00005: Circular dichroism in few-photon ionization of excited, polarized, and dressed lithium atoms
Sponsor Unit(s): DLS
Nishshanka de Silva, Bishnu Acharya, Kevin Romans, Kyle Foster, Katrina Compton, Cole Rischbieter, Onyx Russ, Santwana Dubey, Daniel Fischer

M04.00006: Laser induced persistent orientation of chiral molecules: experiment and theory
Sponsor Unit(s): DLS
Ilia Tutunnikov, Johaness Floss, Erez Gershnabel, Paul Brumer, Ilya Averbukh, Alexander Milner, Valery Milner