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S05.00001: Electronic and Lattice Dynamics from Attosecond soft-X-ray Spectroscopy
Jens Biegert, Themistoklis Sidiropoulos, Nicola DiPalo, Daniel Rivas, Stefano Severino, Maurizio Reduzzi, Barbara Buades, Thomas Danz, Claus Ropers, Yves Joly, Ralph Ernstorfer, Martin Wolf

S05.00003: High-Harmonic Generation in Topological Condensed Matter
Christoph Juerss, Daniel Moos, Dieter Bauer

S05.00008: Optical precursors in a weakly dispersive double narrow-resonance dielectric
Heejeong Jeong, Chang-Won Lee, Andrew M. C. Dawes, Daniel J. Gauthier

S05.00009: Lightwave topology for strong-field valleytronics
Alvaro Jimenez-Galan, Rui Silva, Olga Smirnova, Misha Ivanov