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J05.00003: \textbf{Strong-field-ionization photoelectron imaging of metal nanoparticles }
Erfan Saydanzad, Jianxiong Li, Jeffrey Powell, Adam Summers, Seyyed Javad Robatjazi, Philipp Rupp Rupp, Christopher M. Sorensen, Daniel Rolles, Matthias F. Kling, Carlos Trallero-Herrero, Artem Rudenko, Uwe Thumm

J05.00006: Ionization and trajectory control in strong-field photoemission from tungsten needle tips with a two-color laser field
Philip Dienstbier, Timo Paschen, Lennart Seiffert, Thomas Fennel, Peter Hommelhoff

J05.00008: Enhancement of high-order harmonic generation from endohedrally confined atoms
Turker Topcu, Erdi A. Bleda, Zikri Altun