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T05.00001: Angle-and-time resolved photoionization of neutral Rydberg wave packets in Argon
Alexander Plunkett, Dakota Waldrip, Chris H. Greene, Arvinder Sandhu

T05.00005: Multiphoton ionization and RABBITT in H$_2$ studied by the molecular ``R-matrix with time'' method
Jakub Benda, Greg Armstrong, Andrew Brown, Daniel Clarke, Jimena Gorfinkiel, Hugo van der Hart, Zdenek Masin

T05.00006: Energy- and angle-resolved non-resonant 2-photon single valence ionization of N$_2$ using 9.3 eV femtosecond pulses
Kirk Larsen, Roger Bello, Robert Lucchese, C. William McCurdy, Daniel Slaughter, Thorsten Weber

T05.00007: Two-photon double photoionization of atomic Mg by ultrashort pulses
Frank L Yip, Roger Y Bello, Thomas N Rescigno, Robert R Lucchese, C. William McCurdy