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P07.00004: Accurate prediction of clock transitions in a highly charged ion with complex electronic structure
Charles Cheung, Marianna Safronova, Sergey Porsev, Mikhail Kozlov, Ilya Tupitsyn, Andrey Bondarev

P07.00005: Lifetime-limited Coherence Between Two $^{27}$Al$^+$ Clocks using Correlation Spectroscopy
Ethan Clements, May Kim, Kaifeng Cui, Aaron Hankin, Samuel Brewer, Jwo-Sy Chen, David Leibrandt, David Hume

P07.00007: Frequency reference for Nanosatellite Quantum technology mission
Sapam Ranjita Chanu, Aaron Strangfeld, Markus Krutzik, Alexander Ling