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D07.00001: Rotation Sensing with a Trapped Barium Ion
Randy Putnam, Adam West, Wes Campbell, Paul Hamilton

D07.00004: Large Momentum Transfer Clock Atom Interferometry on the 689 nm Intercombination Line of Strontium
Thomas Wilkason, Jan Rudolph, Megan Nantel, Hunter Swan, Connor M. Holland, Yijun Jiang, Benjamin E. Garber, Samuel P. Carman, Jason M. Hogan

D07.00005: Precision Gross-Pitaevskii modeling of a dual-Sagnac interferometer
Mark Edwards, Charles Henry, Stephen Thomas, Colson Sapp, Charles Clark

D07.00007: High Dynamic-Range Atom Interferometry
Dimitry Yankelev, Chen Avinadav, Ofer Firstenberg, Nir Davidson

D07.00008: Decoherence and Dynamics in a Continuous Atom Interferometer
Jonathan Kwolek, Mark Bashkansky, Adam Black

D07.00009: Correlated inertial sensors using a single Bose-Einstein condensate
Matthias Gersemann, Martina Gebbe, Sven Abend, Christian Schubert, Ernst M. Rasel