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S12.00001: Disentanglement of Electromagnetic Baryon Properties
Sponsor Unit(s): DNP GHP
Daniel Sadasivan, Michael Doring

S12.00003: Chiral Extrapolation of Light Mesons from the Lattice
Sponsor Unit(s): DNP GHP
Bin Hu, Michael Doring, Maxim Mai, Raquel Molina, Andrei Alexandru

S12.00005: Radiative decay of $\eta^{\prime}$ at CLAS
Sponsor Unit(s): DNP GHP
Georgie Mbianda Njencheu, Moskov Amaryan, Ilya Larin

S12.00007: Multi-Particle States in the Finite Volume
Sponsor Unit(s): DNP GHP
Michael Doring, Dimitri Agadjanov, Maxim Mai, Ulf-G. Meissner, Akaki Rusetsky

S12.00008: Photo-production of $\omega $ Meson Using CLAS at Jefferson Laboratory
Sponsor Unit(s): DNP GHP
Zulkaida Akbar