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Y10.00001: Geometric constraints on the space of N=2 SCFTs
Sponsor Unit(s): DPF
Matteo Lotito, Philip Argyres, Yongchao Lu, Mario Martone

Y10.00003: Open Effective Field Theories from Deeply Inelastic Reactions
Sponsor Unit(s): DPF
Eric Braaten, Hans-Werner Hammer, G. Peter Lepage

Y10.00004: Haag's Theorem and Parameterized Quantum Field Theory
Sponsor Unit(s): DPF
Edwin Seidewitz

Y10.00007: Composite reinforced metallic cylinder for? high-speed rotation.
Sponsor Unit(s): DPF
Dr. Sahadev Pradhan

Y10.00008: Time as a dynamical variable
Sponsor Unit(s): DPF
Christopher Thron

Y10.00009: Field Theory of Fundamental Interactions
Sponsor Unit(s): DPF
Shouhong Wang, Tian Ma