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X10.00002: Conversion of Chern-Simons Number to Electromagnetic Helicity
Sponsor Unit(s): DPF
Yiyang Zhang, Francesc Ferrer, Tanmay Vachaspati

X10.00005: Supersymmetry Properties of AdS Supergravity Backgrounds
Sponsor Unit(s): DPF
Samuel Beck, Jan Gutowski, George Papadopoulos

X10.00006: Integrand Reduction Reloaded: Algebraic Geometry and Finite Fields
Sponsor Unit(s): DPF
Ray D. Sameshima, Andrea Ferroglia, Giovanni Ossola

X10.00007: Implementation of Recursion Relations in Gluon Scattering Amplitude Calculations in $\text{AdS}_4/\text{CFT}_3$
Sponsor Unit(s): DPF
Nikolaos Dokmetzoglou, Savan Kharel