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C9.00002: Modeling Electronegative Impurity Concentrations in Liquid Argon Detectors
Sponsor Unit(s): DPF
Wei Tang, Yichen Li, Craig Thorn, Xin Qian

C9.00003: Investigating noble gas mixtures for use in TPCs
Sponsor Unit(s): DPF
Anna Jungbluth

C9.00005: Producing 30 Tons of Underground Argon for the Next Generation Dark Matter Detector
Sponsor Unit(s): DPF
Thomas Alexander

C9.00006: A Comparison of Future Dark Matter Searches
Sponsor Unit(s): DPF
Jeffrey Hutchinson, Kara Farnsworth, James Deseno, Anthony Grippo, Shane Masse

C9.00007: Nuclear recoil measurements with the ARIS experiment
Sponsor Unit(s): DPF
Alden Fan

C9.00008: PICO Bubble Chambers for Dark Matter Searches: Future Prospects
Sponsor Unit(s): DPF
Russell Neilson

C9.00009: The MiniCLEAN Experiment
Sponsor Unit(s): DPF
Jui-Jen (Ryan) Wang, Michael Gold