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B5.00001: The Viability of Phantom Dark Energy as a Quantum Field in 1st-Order FLRW Space
Sponsor Unit(s): DAP
Kevin Ludwick

B5.00002: Quantum Gravity, very early universe and the cosmic microwave background
Sponsor Unit(s): DAP
Brajesh Gupt, Abhay Ashtekar

B5.00005: Observational effects from dimensional compactification
Sponsor Unit(s): DAP
Eleni-Alexandra Kontou, Jose-Juan Blanco-Pillado, Mark Hertzberg, Ali Masoumi

B5.00007: Gravitational waves in axion inflation: implications for CMB and small-scales interferometer measurements
Sponsor Unit(s): DAP
Caner Unal, Marco Peloso, Lorenzo Sorbo, Juan Garcia-Bellido