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M15.00001: Measuring position in 2-dimensions using induced signals in a microchannel plate detector
Sponsor Unit(s): DNP
Blake Wiggins, Romualdo deSouza

M15.00002: A highly stable 30 keV proton accelerator for studies of angular detection efficiency on Si detectors
Sponsor Unit(s): DNP
Americo Salas Bacci, Stefan Baessler, Peter Carr, Thomas Hefele, Dinko Pocanic, Nicholas Roane, Aaron Ross, R. Slater, Alexander Smith, Csaba Toth, Dane Warner, Shawn Zamperini, Panaiot Zotev

M15.00003: Development of a forward-angle gamma-ray detector array for MoNA-LISA
Sponsor Unit(s): DNP
Daniel Votaw

M15.00007: Ultra-High Sensitivity Techniques for the Determination of 3He/4He Abundances in Helium by Accelerator Mass Spectrometry
Sponsor Unit(s): DNP
H. P. Mumm, M. Huber, W. Bauder, N. Abrams, C. Deibel, C. Huffer, P. Huffman, K. Schelhammer, R. Janssens, C. Jiang, R Scott, R. Pardo, K. Rehm, R. Vondrasek, C. Swank, C. O'Shaughnessy, M. Paul, L. Yang