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K12.00001: Neutron Lifetime Measurement Using Magnetically Trapped Ultracold Neutrons
Sponsor Unit(s): DNP
Craig Huffer, P.R. Huffman, K.W. Schelhammer, M.S. Dewey, M.G. Huber, P.P. Hughes, H.P. Mumm, A.K. Thompson, K. Coakley, A.T. Yue, C.M. O'Shaughnessy

K12.00002: Experimental monitoring for the Majorana Demonstrator
Sponsor Unit(s): DNP
Wenqin Xu

K12.00004: Preliminary results of UCN$\tau$
Sponsor Unit(s): DNP
Robert Pattie

K12.00005: Neutron-Mirror Neutron Oscillations in a Residual Gas Environment
Sponsor Unit(s): DNP
Louis Varriano, Yuri Kamyshkov

K12.00006: An MCMC-based waveform analysis with p-type point contact detectors in the \textsc{Majorana Demonstrator}
Sponsor Unit(s): DNP
Benjamin Shanks

K12.00007: Characterization of PPC Detectors for the MAJORANA DEMONSTRATOR Using a Scanning Collimated Source
Sponsor Unit(s): DNP
Jamin Rager

K12.00009: TRIMS: Validating T$_2$ Molecular Effects for Neutrino Mass Experiments
Sponsor Unit(s): DNP
Ying-Ting Lin, Laura Bodine, Sanshiro Enomoto, Matthew Kallander, Eric Machado, Diana Parno, Hamish Robertson