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E12.00001: The CLAS12-RICH hybrid geometry
Sponsor Unit(s): DNP GHP
Giovanni Angelini

E12.00003: The Coordinate Detector for SuperBigBite
Sponsor Unit(s): DNP GHP
Peter Monaghan, Vitaly Batourine, Mark Jones, Mahbub Khandaker, Lubomir Pentchev, Adam Sarty, Albert Shahinyan, Concetta Sutera, Francesco Tortorici, Bogdan Wojtsekhowski

E12.00005: Calibration of the HyCal calorimeter for the PRad Experiment at JLab
Sponsor Unit(s): DNP GHP
Li Ye

E12.00006: Confirming the potential for nucleon structure studies with neutral final states and the Neutral Particle Spectrometer at JLab Hall C
Sponsor Unit(s): DNP GHP
Rishabh Uniyal, Tanja Horn

E12.00008: Low momentum recoil detectors in CLAS12 at Jefferson Lab
Sponsor Unit(s): DNP GHP
Gabriel Charles

E12.00009: GEM Detectors of Proton Charge Radius (PRad) Experiment
Sponsor Unit(s): DNP GHP
Xinzhan Bai