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M6.00001: Black hole entropy from conformal symmetry on the horizon
Sponsor Unit(s): DGRAV
Steven Carlip

M6.00002: Entropy of local smeared field observables
Sponsor Unit(s): DGRAV
Alejandro Satz

M6.00004: Hawking radiation from a collapsing quantum shell
Sponsor Unit(s): DGRAV
Jorge Pullin, Rodrigo Eyheralde, Rodolfo Gambini

M6.00006: Projective Perspectives on the Grains of Space in Quantum Gravity
Sponsor Unit(s): DGRAV
Hal Haggard, Simone Speziale

M6.00007: Emergent Rotation from the Planck Scale and the Fermilab Holometer
Sponsor Unit(s): DGRAV
Ohkyung Kwon, Craig Hogan, Jonathan Richardson

M6.00008: Resolution of quantum singularities
Sponsor Unit(s): DGRAV
Deborah Konkowski, Thomas Helliwell

M6.00009: Emergent Gravity from Vanishing Energy-Momentum Tensor
Sponsor Unit(s): DGRAV
Joshua Erlich