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Y12.00002: Elastic Compton Scattering from 3He
Sponsor Unit(s): DNP
Arman Margaryan, Harald W. Griesshammer, Daniel R. Phillips, Bruno Strandberg, Judith A. McGovern, Deepshikha Shukla

Y12.00003: Lepton mass effects in elastic lepton-proton scattering beyond the leading order of QED
Sponsor Unit(s): DNP
Oleksandr Koshchii, Andrei Afanasev

Y12.00004: Beam particle tracking for MUSE
Sponsor Unit(s): DNP
Anusha Liyanage

Y12.00005: Precision Measurement of the Proton Elastic Cross Section at High $Q^{2}$
Sponsor Unit(s): DNP
Longwu Ou

Y12.00006: Measurement of the elastic e-p cross-sections at Q$^{\mathrm{2\thinspace }}=$ 0.66, 1.10, 1.51and 1.65 GeV$^{\mathrm{2}}$
Sponsor Unit(s): DNP
Yang Wang

Y12.00007: Multi-Nucleon Short-Range Correlation Model for Nuclear Spectral Functions.
Sponsor Unit(s): DNP
Oswaldo Artiles, Misak Sargsian