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X2.00001: Kicked waveforms: prospects for direct detection of black hole recoils
Sponsor Unit(s): DGRAV
Davide Gerosa, Christopher Moore

X2.00002: Remnant of binary black-hole mergers: New simulations, peak luminosity and hangup studies
Sponsor Unit(s): DGRAV
Carlos Lousto, James Healy

X2.00003: Development of accurate waveform models for eccentric compact binaries with numerical relativity simulations
Sponsor Unit(s): DGRAV
Eliu Huerta, Bhanu Agarwal, Alvin Chua, Daniel George, Roland Haas, Ian Hinder, Prayush Kumar, Christopher Moore, Harald Pfeiffer

X2.00004: A complete waveform model for compact binaries on eccentric orbits
Sponsor Unit(s): DGRAV
Daniel George, Eliu Huerta, Prayush Kumar, Bhanu Agarwal, Hsi-Yu Schive, Harald Pfeiffer, Tony Chu, Michael Boyle, Daniel Hemberger, Lawrence Kidder, Mark Scheel, Bela Szilagyi

X2.00005: Secular evolution of very eccentric, inclined orbits around a supermassive rotating black hole
Sponsor Unit(s): DGRAV
Clifford Will, Matthew Maitra

X2.00006: Analytic gravitational waveforms for generic precessing compact binaries
Sponsor Unit(s): DGRAV
Katerina Chatziioannou, Antoine Klein, Neil Cornish, Nicolas Yunes

X2.00007: Gravitational waves from compact binaries in scalar-tensor gravity to second post-Newtonian order
Sponsor Unit(s): DGRAV
Anna Heffernan, Ryan Lang, Clifford Will