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E5.00001: Discriminating Formation Channels of Binary Black Hole Systems with Advanced LIGO
Sponsor Unit(s): DAP DGRAV
Michael Zevin, Carl Rodriguez, Chris Pankow, Vicky Kalogera, Fred Rasio

E5.00002: Studying Variance in the Galactic Ultra-compact Binary Population
Sponsor Unit(s): DAP DGRAV
Shane Larson, Katelyn Breivik

E5.00003: The Binary Black Hole Merger Rate from Ultraluminous X-ray Source Progenitors
Sponsor Unit(s): DAP DGRAV
Justin Finke, Soebur Razzaque

E5.00004: Detecting binarity of GW150914-like lenses in gravitational microlensing events
Sponsor Unit(s): DAP DGRAV
Michael Kesden, Daniel Eilbott, Alexander Riley, Jonathan Cohn, Lindsay King

E5.00005: Measurement of Quasi Normal Modes for a population of Binary Black Hole Mergers
Sponsor Unit(s): DAP DGRAV
Carlos Filipe Da Silva Costa, Sergey Klimenko, Shubhanshu Tiwari

E5.00006: Gravitational Wave Multi-Messenger Prospects for Pulsar Timing Arrays
Sponsor Unit(s): DAP DGRAV
Joseph Simon, Sarah Burke-Spolaor

E5.00008: Looking for angular information in the nHz gravitational wave background with harmonic space analysis of redshift maps
Sponsor Unit(s): DAP DGRAV
Elinore Roebber, Gilbert Holder

E5.00009: Are LIGO's Black Holes Made from Smaller Black Holes?
Sponsor Unit(s): DAP DGRAV
Maya Fishbach, Daniel Holz, Ben Farr