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H9.00001: First results from a microwave cavity axion search at $25~\mu\mathrm{eV}$: Overview
Sponsor Unit(s): DPF
Benjamin Brubaker

H9.00003: The ADMX Microwave Cavity: Present and future
Sponsor Unit(s): DPF
Nathan Woollett

H9.00005: Reflectance measurements of PTFE, Kapton, and PEEK for xenon scintillation light for the LZ detector.
Sponsor Unit(s): DPF
M. Arthurs, E. Batista, J. Haefner, W. Lorenzon, D. Morton, A. Neff, M. Okunawo, K. Pushkin, A. Sander, S. Stephenson, Y. Wang

H9.00006: An Improved Nuclear Recoil Calibration in the LUX Detector Using a Pulsed D-D Neutron Generator
Sponsor Unit(s): DPF
Dongqing Huang

H9.00007: The DarkSide-50 liquid argon dark matter search
Sponsor Unit(s): DPF
Tessa Johnson

H9.00008: Analysis of Alpha Backgrounds in DarkSide-50
Sponsor Unit(s): DPF
Alissa Monte