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E2.00002: Pion Charge Exchange Cross Section on Liquid Argon
Sponsor Unit(s): APS SPS
Kevin Nelson

E2.00003: Development of compact particle detectors for space based instruments
Sponsor Unit(s): APS SPS
Lindsey Barner, Andrew Grove, Jacob Mohler, Caleb Sisson, Alex Roth, Abaz Kryemadhi

E2.00005: Development of an Inductively Coupled Thermometer for a Cryogenic Half-Wave Plate
Sponsor Unit(s): APS SPS
Alexander Madurowicz, Akito Kusaka

E2.00006: Quantum Tunneling and Complex Trajectories
Sponsor Unit(s): APS SPS
Max Meynig, Hal Haggard

E2.00007: The Atmospheric Muon Lifetime, with the Lead Absorption Potential for Muons and References to the Standard Model of Particle Physics
Sponsor Unit(s): APS SPS
Cioli Barazandeh, Angel Gutarra-Leon, Walerian Majewski

E2.00008: Atmospheric Muon Lifetime, Standard Model of Particles and the Lead Stopping Power for Muons
Sponsor Unit(s): APS SPS
Angel Gutarra-leon, Cioli Barazandeh, Walerian Majewski

E2.00009: Determining Linac Beam Energy from C-11/O-15 Activity Ratios in Polymers
Sponsor Unit(s): APS SPS
Ryan Cardman, Matthew Shepherd