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Y8. Achieving Optimal Sensitivity with LIGO and other High-frequency Gravitational-wave Detectors

Y8.00002: Cavity alignment using fringe scanning
Sponsor Unit(s): DGRAV
Laura Paulina Sinkunaite, Keita Kawabe, Michael Landry

Y8.00003: RF Jitter Modulation Alignment Sensing
Sponsor Unit(s): DGRAV
L. F. Ortega, P. Fulda, M. Diaz-Ortiz, G. Perez Sanchez, G. Ciani, D. Voss, G. Mueller, D. B. Tanner

Y8.00004: Dealing with Instrumental Lines in Searches for Continuous Gravitational Waves in LIGO Data
Sponsor Unit(s): DGRAV
Orion Sauter

Y8.00007: Wave Detection Beyond the Standard Quantum Limit via EPR Entanglement
Sponsor Unit(s): DGRAV
YIQIU MA, Haixing Miao, Belinda Pang, Matthew Evans, Chunnong Zhao, Jan Harms, Roman Schnabel, Yanbei Chen

Y8.00009: Accumulative coupling between magnetized tenuous plasma and gravitational waves
Sponsor Unit(s): DGRAV
Fan Zhang