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C3.00001: Prospects for Gravitational Wave Searches for Core-Collapse Supernovae within the Local Universe
Sponsor Unit(s): DAP DGRAV
Kiranjyot Gill, Marica Branchesi, Michele Zanolin, Marek Szczepanczyk

C3.00002: Gravitational Wave Signals from Core-Collapse Supernova Explosions
Sponsor Unit(s): DAP DGRAV
Anthony Mezzacappa, Konstantin Yakunin, Noah Frere, Pedro Marronetti, Stephen Bruenn, W. Raphael Hix, Eric J. Lentz, J. Austin Harris, Eirik Endeve, O. E. Bronson Messer, John Blondin

C3.00003: Impact of the tidal p-g instability on the gravitational wave signal from coalescing binary neutron stars
Sponsor Unit(s): DAP DGRAV
Reed Essick, Salvatore Vitale, Nevin Weinberg

C3.00004: Resonant tidal excitation of superfluid neutron stars in coalescing binaries
Sponsor Unit(s): DAP DGRAV
Hang Yu, Nevin Weinberg

C3.00005: Measuring neutron star tidal deformability with Advanced LIGO: black hole - neutron star binaries
Sponsor Unit(s): DAP DGRAV
Prayush Kumar, Michael Pürrer, Harald Pfeiffer

C3.00007: Appplications of the post-Tolman-Oppenheimer-Volkoff formalism
Sponsor Unit(s): DAP DGRAV
Hector O. Silva, Kostas Glampedakis, George Pappas, Emanuele Berti

C3.00008: R-mode frequencies of rapidly and differentially rotating relativistic neutron stars
Sponsor Unit(s): DAP DGRAV
Cecilia Chirenti, Michael Jasiulek

C3.00009: General Relativistic Non-radial Oscillations of Compact Stars
Sponsor Unit(s): DAP DGRAV
Zack Hall, II, Prashanth Jaikumar