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Y13.00004: Selective Population of Unbound Positive Parity States in $^{\mathrm{25}}$F and $^{\mathrm{26}}$F
Sponsor Unit(s): DNP
Nathan Frank, Jacob Herman, Ali Rabeh, Matthew Tuttle-Timm

Y13.00005: Competition between radiative and strong force decay
Sponsor Unit(s): DNP
Samuel Tabor

Y13.00006: Nuclear Structure in $^7$$^8$Ge
Sponsor Unit(s): DNP
Anne M. Forney, W.B. Walters, J. Sethi, C.J. Chiara, J. Harker, R.V.F. Janssens, S. Zhu, M. Carpenter, M. Alcorta, G. G\"{u}rdal, C.R. Hoffman, B.P. Kay, F.G. Kondev, T. Lauristen, C.J. Lister, E.A. McCutchan, A.M. Rogers$^4$, D. Seweryniak

Y13.00007: Precision Cross Sections Measurement of $^{\mathrm{56}}$Fe(n,n$\gamma )$ at 14.1 MeV using Associated Particle Neutron Elemental Imaging Technique
Sponsor Unit(s): DNP
Haoyu Wang, David Koltick

Y13.00008: Extracting Spectroscopic Factors of Argon Isotopes from Transfer Reactions
Sponsor Unit(s): DNP
Juan Manfredi, J. Lee, M.B. Tsang, W.G. Lynch, J. Barney, J. Estee, S. Sweany, K.W. Brown, G. Cerizza, C. Anderson, H. Setiawan, C. Loelius, Z. Xu, A.M. Rogers, C. Pruitt, L.G. Sobotka, J.M. Elson, C. Langer, Z. Chajecki, G. Chen, K.L. Jones, K. Smith, Z. Xiao, Z. Li, J.R. Winkelbauer

Y13.00009: Thin film deposition using rarefied gas jet
Sponsor Unit(s): DNP
Dr. Sahadev Pradhan