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Y2.00002: Student understanding of balancing, mass distribution and center of mass
Sponsor Unit(s): GPER FED
Paula Heron

Y2.00003: Spin First vs. Position First instructional approaches to teaching introductory quantum mechanics
Sponsor Unit(s): GPER FED
Homeyra Sadaghiani

Y2.00004: Fostering Student Introspection through Guided Reflection Forms
Sponsor Unit(s): GPER FED
Laura Wood, Amanda Matheson, Scott Franklin

Y2.00005: What Physicist Mean By The Equals Sign In Undergraduate Education
Sponsor Unit(s): GPER FED
Dina Zohrabi Alaee, Kellianne Kornick, Eleanor C. Sayre, Scott V. Franklin

Y2.00006: What Physicists Mean By the Equals Sign in Undergraduate Education
Sponsor Unit(s): GPER FED
Kellianne Kornick, Dina Alaee, Eleanor Sayre, Scott Franklin