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S5.00001: Astrophysics of Collapsing Axion Stars
Sponsor Unit(s): DAP
Joshua Eby, Madelyn Leembruggen, Peter Suranyi, L.C.R. Wijewardhana

S5.00002: Emission of Photons and Relativistic Axions from Axion stars
Sponsor Unit(s): DAP
Abhishek Mohapatra, Eric Braaten, Hong Zhang

S5.00003: Searches for Axionlike Particles with the Fermi Large Area Telescope
Sponsor Unit(s): DAP
Andrea Albert, Manuel Meyer, Miguel Sanchez-Conde, Matthew Wood

S5.00004: Imprint of DESI fiber assignment on anisotropic power spectrum of emission line galaxies
Sponsor Unit(s): DAP
Robert N. Cahn, Lucas Pinol, Nicholas Hand, Patrick McDonald, Uros Seljak

S5.00005: Photometric Properties of Galaxy Clusters in the Dark Energy Survey
Sponsor Unit(s): DAP
Brian Welch

S5.00006: A Radiative Transport Model for Blazars
Sponsor Unit(s): DAP
Tiffany Lewis, Justin Finke, Peter Becker

S5.00008: Numerical studies of SMBH magnetospheres and observational predictions for AGNs and inner jets
Sponsor Unit(s): DAP
Alex Ford, Mikhail V. Medvedev