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S3.00003: Situated Self-efficacy in Introductory Physics Students
Sponsor Unit(s): GPER
Rachel Henderson, Seth Devore, Lynnette Michaluk, John Stewart

S3.00004: Using a psychometric lens to examine gender differences on the FCI
Sponsor Unit(s): GPER
Rebecca Lindell, Alexis Papak, John Stewart, Adrienne Traxler

S3.00005: The Effect of Prior Knowledge and Gender on Physics Achievement
Sponsor Unit(s): GPER
John Stewart, Rachel Henderson

S3.00006: Examining Student Attitudes in Introductory Physics via the Math Attitude and Expectations Survey (MAX)
Sponsor Unit(s): GPER
Deborah Hemingway, Mark Eichenlaub, Wolfgang Losert, Edward F Redish

S3.00007: Professional development workshops for physics education research
Sponsor Unit(s): GPER
Eleanor C. Sayre, Scott V Franklin, Mary Bridget Kustusch

S3.00008: GRAD-MAP: A Physics and Astronomy Diversity Initiative at the University of Maryland
Sponsor Unit(s): GPER
Robyn Smith, Zeeve Rogoszinski, Kyle Sheppard, Corbin Taylor, Ashlee Wilkins, Stuart Vogel, Steve Rolston, Donna Hammer, Suvi Gezari, Jimmy Williams