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J3.00001: Describing Polarization States of Photon Vortices
Sponsor Unit(s): DPB
Andrei Afanasev, Dartagnan Howell

J3.00002: Interaction of Photon Vortex Beams with Atomic Matter
Sponsor Unit(s): DPB
Maria Solyanik, Andrei Afanasev, Carl E. Carlson

J3.00004: Synchrotron Light Sources in Developing Countries
Sponsor Unit(s): DPB
Herman Winick, Piero Pianetta

J3.00005: THz generation from elliptically-focused two-color laser pulses at 1 kHz
Sponsor Unit(s): DPB
Yungjun Yoo, Donghoon Kuk, Zheqiang Zhong, Ki-Yong Kim

J3.00006: Measurement of Frequency, Temperature, RF Field Dependence of Surface Resistance of Superconductors Using a Half Wave Cavity
Sponsor Unit(s): DPB
HyeKyoung Park, Jean Delayen

J3.00009: Detailed Modeling of Physical Processes in Electron Sources for Accelerator Applications
Sponsor Unit(s): DPB
Oksana Chubenko, Andrei Afanasev