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C6.00002: First Results of the GPS.DM Observatory: Search for Dark Matter and Exotic Physics with Atomic Clocks and GPS Constellation
Sponsor Unit(s): GPMFC
Benjamin Roberts, Geoff Blewitt, Conner Dailey, Maxim Pospelov, Alex Rollings, Jeff Sherman, Wyatt Williams, Andrei Derevianko

C6.00003: NOPTREX, An Experiment to Search for T Violation in Polarized Neutron Optics
Sponsor Unit(s): GPMFC
Jonathan Curole, William Snow

C6.00004: NOPTREX: A Search for Time Reversal Violation; Detector Development and Nuclear Spectroscopy on the 0.734 eV p-wave resonance in $^{139}$La
Sponsor Unit(s): GPMFC
Danielle Schaper

C6.00005: Beyond Schiff Moment: Atomic EDMs from Two-Photon Exchange
Sponsor Unit(s): GPMFC
Satoru Inoue, Michael Ramsey-Musolf

C6.00006: Matching Contact Interactions in QED-NRQED Effective Field Theory
Sponsor Unit(s): GPMFC
Steven Dye, Matthew Gonderinger, Gil Paz

C6.00007: High Precision Magnetic Field Scanning System for the New Muon g-2 Experiment
Sponsor Unit(s): GPMFC
Ran Hong

C6.00008: Development and testing of fiber beam monitors for the Muon g-2 experiment
Sponsor Unit(s): GPMFC
Robin Bjorkquist, Edward Diamond, Benjamin Martinez, Alec Sblendorio, Frederick Gray

C6.00009: Rare Eta Decays with a TPC for Optical Photons
Sponsor Unit(s): GPMFC
Erik Ramberg