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March Meeting - Denver

Virtual Press Room 2014
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Image Gallery pictures are associated with papers presented at the  March Meeting 2014. Image credit format is on each image information page.

March Meeting Scientific Program
The March Meeting 2014 Bulletin of the American Physical Society, also called the Scientific Program, is a listing of all abstract presentation sessions given at the March Meeting.

Nanocluster Building Blocks

1 Nicolas Large 2014 thumb

Macro Meets Micro

2 Francesca Bay 2014 thumb

Bacterial Microcolonies

3 Lev Tsimring 2014 thumb

Spectrum of the Non-backtracking Operator

4 Cris Moore 2014 thumb


5 Colling Pearsall 2014 thumb

Micro Origami Octet Truss in Soft Polymer Gel

6 Ryan Hayward 2014 thumb

Rubrene Single Crystal

7 Vitaly Podzorov 2014 thumb

Carbon Bonding

8 Leo Gross 2014 thumb

Micro-colony of Bacteria

9 Lev Tsimring 2014 thumb

Optical Butterfly in Graphene

10 Pilkyung Moon 2014 thumb

Beam Me Up!

11 Francesca Bay 2014 thumb

Micro-sculpturing Crystals of Superconductors

12 Philip Mol 2014 thumb

Quantum Circuits

13 David McKay 2014 thumb

Quantum Hardware

14 David Reilly 2014 thumb

Electrifying Bacteria

15 Nikhil Malvankar 2014 thumb

Optical Roses

16 Yicong Ma 2014 thumb

Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Gyroscope

17 Mike Larson 2014 thumb

Microscopic, Bowl-shaped Colloidal Particles

18 Kazem Edmond 2014 thumb

Order Up!

19 Chaz Ruggieri 2014 thumb

Bacterial Spores Can Harvest Energy from Changes in Humidity

20 Ozgur Sahin 2014 thumb

Dark Field

21 Kaumudi Prabhakara 2014 thumb

Crystalline Layer

22 Joe Smerdon 2014 thumb

Chimera Coexistence

23 Katherina Krischner 2014 thumb

Fractal Basin Boundaries of a Chaotic Forced Damped Pendulum

24 Ed Ott 2014 thumb

Excitations in a Polar Semiconducting Nanorod

25 Peter Haynes 2014 thumb

Magnetic Field Detections

26 Wang Xiao 2014 thumb

View from the Inside

27 Jeff Salvail 2014 thumb

War of The Roses: Bacteria Struggle for Dominance

28 Robert Austin 2014 thumb

Graphene Oxide

29 Si Zhou 2014 thumb

Cats and Quantum States

30 Cristian Bonato 2014 thumb

Surface Energies and Semiconductors

31 Cyrus Dreyer 2014 thumb

Will We Ever Have a Quantum Computer?

32 Claudia Grandi 2014 thumb

Squares of Spheres

33 Jasper Van Der Gucht 2014 thumb


34 Jonas Mlynek 2014 thumb

Decomposition of the Cowpea Chlorotic Mottle Virus (CCMV) Capsid

35 Guido Polles 2014 thumb

Topological State in a Layered Superconductor

36 Mauro Doria 2014 thumb

Active Nematic under Circular Confinement

37 Gabriel Redner 2014 thumb

Atom Entanglement

38 Simone Filcetti 2014 thumb

Peering into Interfacial Water

39 Ying Jiang 2014 thumb

Gravitational Lensing on a Chip

40 Hui Liu 2014 thumb

Honeycomb-like Structure of Semiconducting Carbon Foam

41 David Tomanak 2014 thumb

Simulating Organic Solar Cells

42 Jan Michael Carrillo 2014 thumb

Quantum Dragon Segment

43 Mark Navotny 2014 thumb

Charge Carriers in Semiconductros

44 Audrius Alkauskas 2014 thumb

Materials Theory

45 Nicola Spaldin 2014 thumb