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These videos are associated with papers presented at the 2011 March Meeting.  Video credit format is on each video information page.

March Meeting Scientific Program
The 2011 March Meeting Bulletin of the American Physical Society, also called the Scientific Program, is a listing of all abstract presentation sessions at the March Meeting.

Syrup Falling on Waffles


Sophisticated simulations duplicate the complicated motions of thick fluids, elastic materials and even hair.

Swimming Diode


Remote Steering of Self-Propelling Diode

Carbon Nanotube Material vs. Silicone Rubber


A new material made of carbon nanotubes outperforms silicone rubber over a record-setting temperature range.

Elastic Simulations


Computer animation of bunnies, hats, rods, shells, and other solids assembled from elastons.

Robotic Gripper


Robotic gripper based on the jamming of granular materials offers an alternative to robotic fingers.

LEGO Robodance


“Girls Go TechKnow” Robodance contest

Mussel Inspired Sticky Gels


Natural adhesives, including the glue produced by this mussel, have remarkable properties that researchers are now duplicating in the lab.

Intro to Quantum Entanglement


An introduction to quantum entanglement and the research undertaken at Keio University and Oxford University.

Bacteria Wave


Bacteria wave in Death Galaxy

Microscopic Magnetic Firestorm


Tiny tumbling magnets flip in a wave that propagates in much the same way that fire spreads across a piece of paper.

Quantum Particle Dance


Molecules dance on a cold metal surface.

Nanoscale Coaxial Optical Microscope


Simulation of visible light traveling in nanoscale coaxial cable